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DataOne offers data center rack space for equipment co-location – we can and will happily host your servers in our data center. Besides the guaranteed 99.99% uptime for power and cooling, co-location customers will have the services of on-site technical support personnel who are knowledgeable in the various disciplines and technologies that help bring down the cost of IT investments without compromising quality.

Additional services offered to co-location clients include back -up/restore, internet bandwidth and point-to-point links from DataOne to any of the customer sites or offices. To further enhance your Enterprise’s Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity Planning, DataOne can provide a Private Vault for a more secure environment for your sensitive data.


In-Country Data Center

Situated in Eastwood City, QC, you’re assured that your data will always be within reach. Click here to schedule a visit to our Data Center!


Highly Secure

Protect your servers from natural calamities, hacking, viruses and data theft by housing your machines with us!