Our Data Center Services are particularly tailored to Enterprise-level businesses. We are passionate about Performance and Uptime, so we strive to offer the best and most secure Data Center Services available. As we deliver these vital computing and infrastructure services , DataOne ensures that the hardware, software and security is resilient, always online and secure in our Tier 3 Data Center which is peered with all major carriers over fiber-optic links.

DataOne also guarantees the flexibility of choosing from any reputable equipment or software vendor, or carriers that suit your business best. From inception, have been vendor and carrier neutral. This ensures that we can supply the most suitable services and products you need when you need them.

You can outsource infrastructure or office requirements to us as we have office spaces that can be customized and bundled with our services as well. You can also utilize our human capital.  Our certified IT engineers can provide support to your networks, infrastructure and voice services to name a few. All these enable us to provide a robust Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning service to your enterprise.


Best Enterprise Infrastructure 

Your Enterprise cloud deserves the best cloud infrastructure, bar-none. Take a virtual tour of our Tier-3 Data Center here.

In-Country Data Center

Situated in Eastwood City, QC, you’re assured that your data will always be within reach. Click here to schedule a visit to our Data Center!

Top Calibre 24/7 Support

Boasting a wide range of skill sets and quick resolution expertise, the CloudSecure team is available to define architectures, solutions and technology roadmaps.

Highly Secure

Protect your servers from natural calamities, hacking, viruses and data theft by housing your machines with us!

Vendor Neutral

From inception, have been telco neutral. This ensures that we can supply the most suitable and redundant services you need when you need them.


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