i. Private Vault
ii. Generator Sets
iii. Managed Facilities
iv. Disaster Recovery Area
v. Main Data Center
vi. Network Operations Center

1. Power and Electrical System

DataOne has five (5) different power sources namely; Meralco (main feed), four (4) building-owned generator sets, and three (3) DataOne-owned generator sets. Our Liebert UPS System is in a 2(N+1) redundant configuration. Each UPS is rated 200KVA each and its battery backup time is 1 hour.



2. Precision Air-Conditioning System

The entire data center facility is equipped with Liebert Precision Air conditioning Units (ACU) with a back-up configuration of N+1. The ACUs operate at 22 degrees Celsius (71.6 degrees Fahrenheit). There are five 20-Ton (20 TR) ACUs inside the date center and three 15-Ton (15 TR) ACUs in the private vault area.



3. Fire Suppression System

DataOne’s fire suppression agent is FM200 in automation. Smoke detectors placed on the ceiling and inside the raised-floor activate the alarm in case of detection. This will trigger the main panel inside the facility room and will deactivate all precision air-conditioning in the affected area. Loud sirens and strobe light activation will operate in case of fire and/or smoke.




4. CCTV or IP-Based Security Surveillance System

DataOne is equipped with 24 x7 facility video surveillance using CCTV installed at the 6th floor lobby access/hallways and within the data center. All video are digitally recorded video and are backed-up to tape and retained for a period of three to six months.




5. Tape Storage Facility

DataOne is equipped with media safe (Lampertz and Sentry) vault to provide fireproof tape storage to its clients. The media safe/vault complies with international standards in storing, securing and protecting critical data media for its corporate and multinational customers.

6. Data Center LAN Cabling / Provisioning

The entire data center is pre-cabled with Cat 5E/6 and Fiber optic cables. Structured cabling facilities are immediately available and network terminations and patching can be performed during the equipment implementation of the customer.

7. High-Security Features

Physical security includes onsite 24 x 7 armed security guards at the building’s ground floor, parking and basement entrances and at the 6th floor DataOne lobby. Biometric scanners and access card required for entry to all data center areas. Real-time intrusion detection and notification is also installed via motion detectors and alarms.

Security audits have been conducted several times by EMV (Europay, Mastercard, Visa) Auditors in order to meet EMV Security Standards and be able to host credit card acquirers. These audits were requested by several DataOne clients such as financial institutions and credit card transaction service provider / acquirer.


The management of DataOne has built on these foundations to upgrade continuously its facilities and its processes to maintain its service excellence. DataOne acquired an ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management Systems) certification in 2009 and ISO 27001:2005 (Information Security Management Systems) in 2010.