CloudSecure is a pool of Enterprise-grade applications, infrastructure and platforms that your Enterprise can use on-demand over the internet.  This gives your company security, convenience and efficiency without the high cost.

DataOne built CloudSecure specifically for the Enterprise – because managing complex requirements is our business. DataOne understands mission-critical systems, strategic technology commitments and the handling of highly-sensitive data.

DataOne ‘s vision is that Cloud Computing has become the cornerstone of Enterprise and Government IT infrastructure.

CloudSecure eliminates several issues that traditionally face CIO and Management: Such as Right Sizing, Procurement delays, Capital Outlays, Technical skills acquisition, Performance, Security. All these issues are handled better and faster with DataOne’s CloudSecure.

Expert 24/7 Support

Boasting a wide range of skill sets and quick resolution expertise, the CloudSecure team is available to define architectures, solutions and technology roadmaps.

Highly Secure

CloudSecure offers 3 levels of security to filter spam, virus and any network attacks.

In-Country Data Center

Situated in Eastwood City, QC, you’re assured that your data will always be within reach. Click here to schedule a visit to our Data Center!

Best Enterprise Infrastructure 

Your Enterprise cloud deserves the best cloud infrastructure, bar-none. Take a virtual tour of our Tier-3 Data Center here.

Multiple Telco Providers

Include network connection to any of our services via our local and international telco carriers. Reliable connectivity translates to a reliable cloud service.

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