Our private automated branch exchange (PABX/PBX) services include the following:

  • Hosted IP-PABXVia our NexGen Centrex service
  • Managed PABX- On premise
    • NexGen PBX – We offer a full-featured Session Initiation Protocol-driven (SIP) branch exchange that will significantly reduce communication costs and can be combined with WebTalkTM and MyLinkTM.

SIP is a protocol by which voice and video data is streamed in real time over the Internet. We offer pure SIP Configuration on SIP trunks and SIP extensions that are capable of hosting a maximum of 40 concurrent calls, supporting up to 30 trunklines and capable of offering unlimited IP extensions.

Managed Enterprise IP PBX – Available services include best-of-breed

Internet Protocol PBX solutions from Cisco and Alcatel Lucent.s

  • NexGen PBX Asterisk – We can provide Asterisk, business phone system that converges local access network switching functions with extremely high reliability.